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Mobile Play – Arusio

Mobile Play

The Future of Play

An entirely new industry

‘Mobile Play’, is a term we invented to explain our apps.
Somewhere between mobile games and physical toys, our apps are digital tools that facilitate and upgrade physical play in the real world, away from home.

Outdoor play is awesome and has a ton of mental and physical benefits – but sometimes lack structure, common rules, convenience and big explosions.

Digital games certainly seem to have found the recipe for capturing and exciting users with endless action (We love them).
But the fun is often limited to a, relatively, small screen and players are tied down in front of their computer or console, indoor.

With Mobile Play we combine the two, using your phone to facilitate the action and structure you know from digital games, but with the real world as the arena – with all the benefits of social outdoor play.

We want our apps to be easily accessible for all kids and without too much trouble.
That’s why our apps are free to play, and all players have to do is simply download the free app – no need to buy and attach clunky hardware to your phone.
This is cooler.

We also know that kids (of all ages) are different and might have different skills and forces. Some have ants in their pants – others are more thoughtful and strategic. That is why our gameplay is designed to acknowledge and reward players for many different contributions and achievements.

Our apps won’t bother you around the clock with constant noises and notifications. Think of them as a physical toy – say, a ball. When you have the time, it’s always there and ready to instantly facilitate hours of fun. But when you put it down, and perhaps go back to class, it won’t constantly buzz and try to suck you back in.